Plasterboard structures

💡 Five main types of work in the construction of plasterboard structures:

  1. Marking the room with a level and plumb;
  2. Mounting of the frame from metal profiles or wooden blocks and boards;
  3. Sheathing of the frame with gypsum boards and reinforcement of corners;
  4. Sealing gypsum board joints and leveling the surface with gypsum plaster coat;
  5. Finishing plasterboard structures with decorative materials.

Plasterboard ceilings. Catalog of plasterboard ceilings. In this section there are photos of suspended ceilings made of plasterboard. The most beautiful ceilings are collected in our catalog.

Plasterboard partitions. Catalog of plasterboard partitions. In this section you can see photos of plasterboard partitions. Only the best ideas for interior design are collected in our catalog.

Plasterboard walls. Catalog of plasterboard walls. In this section there are photos of walls from plasterboard. Here are selected the best ideas for the decoration of walls with plasterboard.

How to make plasterboard structures

Installation of drywall ceiling. Read the step-by-step guide on how to make a suspended ceiling from gypsum board. Suspended ceiling can be built in one level and in several.

Installation of plasterboard partitions. When redeveloping an apartment you need the skills of building plasterboard partitions, so to build gipsokartonnye partitions, you will need this guide.

How to make a gypsum cardboard arch. Excellent interior decoration - arches. Passages and false walls adorn the arches. This guide will give you an exhaustive answer to the question: how to make a drywall arch with your own hands.

Installation of plasterboard. Read this guide, as when building gypsum board structures, every nuance must be is taken into account, from the choice of the type of drywall, to gluing the sickling to the seams between the plasterboard.

How to make a drywall wall. Learn how to make a false wall of plasterboard to make it yourself. On the walls, as well as on the ceiling, you can make decorations from plasterboard, niches, portals and art figures.

When overhauling an apartment or developing new premises, gypsum board finishing is often used. Drywall, as a rule, mount by their own hands on the frame of metal profiles, in total, and obtained from plasterboard. Metal profiles are standard in size, so that the frame for gypsum board structures can be assembled as a designer. With the help of special connectors and screws it is possible to easily design skeletons of any complexity and shape.

Advantages of plasterboard structures in housing construction have already been proven for decades. Gypsum boards meet as a material of all. Here are just the main features: the plasterboard sheet is made of natural material, drywall does not burn, and some of its types are resistant to moisture.

What are plasterboard structures used in the interior?

Consider the types of gypsum plasterboard structures that can often be seen in modern apartments. Of course, this is gypsum plasterboard ceilings in the first place, all kinds of forms. If a simple plasterboard wall covering does not seem like such a design, the design of the plasterboard ceiling will require a lot of imagination, and engineering thinking to build a framework for it.

Also in the architecture of the interior are widely used designs of plasterboard partitions, which are decorated with different architectural elements, mainly arched vaults. Partitions can be used both for dividing rooms, and for dividing the zones of one room.

When walls are plastered with gypsum boards, frame structures are used to decorate portals for TV sets, fireplaces, and also can be made walls of gypsum board instead of furniture. By the way, gypsum cardboard walls will hide the heating pipes and if the cavities of the wall fill with heat-insulating material, then in such walls will never appear mold, as on ordinary external walls, finished with cement-sand plaster or in a panel house.

Plasterboard structures are used in almost all rooms. Due to the water-repellent properties of gypsum board, for leveling the substrate for ceramic tiles, A wall construction is used, on which you can immediately glue the finishing material. Drywall is not afraid of fire and heat, so in the design with it you can make portals for real and electric fireplaces. And if you make gypsum boards yourself, then for convenience you can buy a drywall of the appropriate size.

The finishing of plasterboard structures can be very different, from tile to painting. On a flat surface of drywall it is very easy to glue the finishing materials. On wall designs, as a rule, pasted wallpaper, in the bathroom - tiles in combination with painting. The ceiling from plasterboard is decorated, usually, with ceiling skirting boards and painting. We separately consider the decoration of gypsum plasterboard structures with lighting and lighting. Often, the cost of gypsum board construction on the wall or on the ceiling, will be several times less than the finish, especially if you are doing montage gypsum cardboard construction with their own hands.

Design of gypsum plasterboard structures is made taking into account their device, that is, the design and location of the frame are always taken into account when calculating installation sites luminaires and other built-in appliances, and when developing a draft of a gypsum plasterboard figure, it is necessary to develop a framework design of a suitable shape and sufficient strength.

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