Installation of ceiling skirting boards

When the plasterboard ceiling is completely aligned and partially painted, it is framed by a frame, as an expensive painting. This frame is made of baguettes, they are also called ceiling skirting boards.

Ceiling plinths for gypsum plasterboard ceilings can be polyurethane and polystyrene. Polyurethane ceiling skirting is more rigid, it has a clear pattern, which is difficult to damage. Such ceiling skirting boards are expensive and harder to mount, since they are difficult to bend, and any irregularity on the wall or on the ceiling will immediately be noticeable.

Ceiling baseboards made of polystyrene have a small cost in comparison with polyurethane skirting boards, they are easier to install, but their pattern is less clear and it more prone to damage, even from strong hand compression.

Polystyrene ceiling skirting boards are distinguished by the density of polystyrene. The denser the material, the more clearly on it is the relief pattern and the more expensive ceiling skirting board.

When gluing ceiling skirting on the ceiling, their corner joints require special cutting of the ends of the plinth, for this it is best to use a tool called a stool.

The chair is a plastic semi-taurus with slots at right angles and at 45 degrees. In some models of chairs there is a more extended range of slots, They are used to smoothly cut the end of the skirting board at a certain angle. A set with a chair uses a saw with small teeth or a hacksaw for metal.

Some drawings on ceiling skirting, when they are joined in corners, require alignment, so always pay attention to it.

To ceiling skirting stood out against the general background of the ceiling and favorably contrasted with it, they are usually painted with decorative acrylic paints by hand, with a small brush. You can paint the entire ceiling skirting in one color, and you can paint, for example, stamping leaves or flowers in several colors. The process of staining skirting boards is very long and dreary, but the result will be stunning.

Ceiling baseboards, this is only the most common part of the design of ceilings, but there are still all sorts of decorative elements made of polyurethane and polystyrene for gluing on the ceiling and walls. All kinds of moldings, rosettes, half-columns and other figures will make your interior unsurpassed.

We will return a little bit and will stop on installation of skirting boards. The skirting boards are mounted on a flat surface with a special filler for the installation of baguettes. This putty has high adhesion properties to the gypsum surface of gypsum plasterboard ceilings and walls, and also it can hide fine defects of surface smoothness, small cracks, putty all smoothed. Angle and straight joints, too, need to be sealed with a filler for the baguette, so that the angle is as one-piece.

Ceiling baseboards can act as a closing strip when installing LED ceiling lighting, which is mounted on a special aluminum profile. In this case, when installing the baguette is attached only to the wall, and from the ceiling you need to leave a centimeter gap. For convenience of such installation, it is possible to use an additional fastening in the form of bars from a tree on which a baguette in the middle part.

Since the ceiling skirting is fixed to the ceiling and the wall at 45 degrees, a small cavity is formed behind it, in which can accommodate hidden wiring and a mini video camera for house alarm.

That's why we need ceiling skirting boards when decorating gypsum plasterboard ceilings and other plasterboard structures.

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