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Smooth, smooth suspended gypsum plasterboard ceiling in the bedroom, the nursery, the kitchen or in the living room, will always attract attention. Other gypsum board structures should only complement the main ceiling structure with lighting.

When installing the second level of the system near the window, it is possible to equip the ordinary lighting and use the internal cavity of the ceiling for a niche device for the patch, so the height from the floor visually increases and the space for fixing the cornice is saved. It is not necessary to use central recesses or additional levels at low ceilings close to the center of the room or to the entrance, thus creating a piling effect. It is better to make a single-level flat ceiling and arrange it with a variety of lighting, than to excessively lower the horizontal level of the ceiling.

These are not just ceilings - they are whole engineering systems that require careful calculation and execution of all installation technologies. The development of complex plasterboard structures requires an artistic and technical approach, gypsum plaster ceilings require increased attention during design and installation, since the frame of the suspension system and the fasteners carry a constant tensile load. Installation of chandeliers and other lighting devices should be taken into account in the design project, and reflected in the strengthening or addition of frame elements for fastening.

The plasterboard ceiling must be at least the level of the elongated arm at its lowest point, and by a few centimeters even exceed this height.

When designing complex constructions of suspended structures, one should not forget about the possibility and convenience of finishing all external elements - internal corners and curvatures, many ceiling molds can, how to decorate the ceiling, and make it difficult or even impossible to qualitatively process them, with the design of a suspended system should also be taken into account, if you decide to make a ceiling from gypsum board. In other words, the design of the gypsum board suspension should be based on technologies for the installation and finishing of plasterboard structures.

Entering the apartment, you do not have to rest in the chandelier and do not have to hook the tier of the false ceiling head. It is necessary to carefully analyze ceiling design or confer with the designer. More you can glean, looking through our photo galleries, where the suspended ceiling designs of all the complexities and frills.

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