Plasterboard partitions | Catalog of separation structures

Partition of plasterboard - interior design by own hands

Decorative plasterboard partitions are used in the interior to identify areas of the room or to separate one room from another, for example, dividing the kitchen from the corridor or the living room from the hallway. In modern apartments are increasingly used decorative partitions of an open type, that is, not completely covering the spatial boundary between rooms.

In our photo gallery of plasterboard partitions you will see a variety of types of similar structures. Decorative partition of gypsum board, it's not necessarily an arch in the doorway, it can be a complex construction of a lot of details that form a single whole with the help of plasterboard. All gipsokartonnye partitions consist of a group of several basic figures, for which there are their own methods of construction. For example, on the partition there is an arc part, a corner part and a straight part. To make an arc-shaped figure from gypsum board, you need the bending technique of gypsum board and profile, and for a corner, you need to know how to correctly make corners in gypsum plasterboard partitions. Direct areas of partitions are not difficult to do if you adhere to the appropriate technology.

Gypsum plasterboard tempts, first of all, simplicity of construction. You need to install a framework that is made from profiles of standard size and connectors, then cover the frame with plasterboard, everything. But this is only at first glance everything is simple, in fact, if you want to make a truly unique drywall septum for beauty, then you will have to work hard. First, you need to develop a project in which you need to include the position of the partition in the room, do detailed layout, make the design of the skeleton in a plan. Secondly, it is necessary to mark out how the plasterboard will be installed on the frame and it should be done very precisely, to calculate the amount of necessary material, in fact, in truth, calculators for the calculation of drywall are not calculated for the calculation of material in complex structures.

Decorating partitions from plasterboard can be anything, in our photo gallery you just make sure of it. All kinds of lamps and light-emitting diodes will decorate gypsum plasterboard and serve as a source of light in the room. Shelves, which are made on plasterboard partitions, are used in different ways, but their use is necessary to clarify even at the stage of designing the frame, since the installation of a heavy object such as an aquarium on a gypsum plasterboard, requires the development of a more reinforced frame of metal profiles. The surface of the shelf itself can be covered with a table top, since the putty and plasterboard are not designed for such operation.

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