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Wall of gypsum board instead of furniture

Gypsum plasterboard walls are decorative and functional superstructures mounted on the main load-bearing wall of brick or reinforced concrete in the living room or any other room. Only gypsum cardboard can quickly and accurately finish their housing, with this is changing its architectural design. Drywall is easy to cut and separate a piece of any shape when using simple hand tools. Decorative function of walls on the basis of frame structures consists in arrangement decorative niches and projections of various shapes, for installing televisions, aquariums, decorative design of undesirable exposed elements of the structure or passing communications.

The choice of wall forms for a bedroom or a kitchen is not limited to the materials that make up it, but it is necessary adhere to the necessary style of the whole room. Dimensional wall extensions look ugly if they are not enough the volume of the apartment. Departure of the false wall must have reasonable limits. Do not need to save on the design based on ease of installation and processing. Drywall will allow to smooth out any irregularities and corners of the frame. If you study the photo walls, on which frame structures are used, then you will see a great variety. A lot of turns, corners, niches and arches, all this must consist of waterproof plasterboard and be reliable attached to the base.

The false wall can also be used to mask common risers of water supply and sewerage communications, and do not forget, that such facilities should be equipped with hidden hatches for access to the stop valves and technological elements. A plasterboard wall for covering communications does not need to be made straight-line, it is possible to use decorating, shelves and arched decorative forms. The design solution of the gypsum wall architecture should include additional structures in the frame for attaching hinged objects, as well as light switches and sockets. Gypsum boards must be reinforced in the places of fastening of sockets and switches, plasterboard walls must be reinforced with a reliable frame. Disadvantages of using drywall in the interior are reduced to zero, while environmentally friendly Clean material will only enhance the attractiveness of this method of finishing the premises. Of gypsum cardboard, the real masters make just masterpieces. Look at our photos and you'll see.

Gypsum plasterboard walls allow changing the usual single wall assignment. With the help of gypsum board it is possible not only decorate, but also decorate your home. Only gypsum cardboard can beautifully decorate the architecture of your interior and while keeping the comfort and warmth in your home.

Niches for TVs - a fairly common element of plasterboard structures, it can be equipped with curtains or doors and completely closed - so a niche of plasterboard for a TV, can hide household appliances.

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