How to bend the profile under drywall

Very often gypsum plasterboard structures have curved elements. For their construction it is necessary to prepare standard parts for the frame and in this article, we'll tell you what to do.

The frame from the profile on which you will attach the bent drywall should have a repeating curved shape. Bend the profile simply if you use good tools. Having learned to bend metal profiles, you can make an arch and other curvilinear interior designs.

There are two types of metal profiles for gypsum board: a guide and a bearing profile. In addition to these there is an arched profile. The size of the metal profile, which you need to choose depends on the task you have set.

As a rule, the guide profiles can be installed at the base of the frame, and the supporting profiles are inserted into the guides and screwed to them. Bearing profile should remain perfectly straight, as it carries the weight of the drywall. You must remember that only the guide profiles are bent, but not bearing. If you are thinking of creating an arch or other curved construction from drywall, you should bend the guide profile, and after its fastening place in its channels a supporting profile. For fastening profiles use 1/2 "No. 8 self-tapping screws with a flat head.

Choose the size of the carrier and guide metal profile suitable for your design. Using metal scissors or a corner grinder with a cutting circle, cut a section of the profile of the desired length.

The best way to bend the metal profile is to make periodic cuts on its sides every 50-80 mm. To do this, you need scissors for metal for direct cutting. Do not forget that the incisions must be strictly parallel to each other, otherwise you will not bend the profile correctly.

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Attach the bent profile to the already installed gypsum board wall. Use fasteners such as self-tapping screws for this purpose. gypsum board (self-cutters 3.5x41 for thick plasterboard, and for gypsum board thickness of 9.5 mm fit and smaller).

If you need to fix a profile on a ceiling or a wall, then you need to cut small holes in the profile edges with the help of a metal drill for mounting. Do not rush, otherwise you can destroy the profile. After cutting, fix it on the ceiling or wall using screws.

If you need to attach a profile to a separate ceiling or to a wall, Beforehand, you need to make a couple of trial holes with a drill.

Mount the profile to the ceiling, you need an anchor every 250 mm. Use the level to make sure that you correctly set the profile.

After mounting the bent profile, it remains for you to fold the entire metal profile as a constructor.

Now, for sure, you have learned how to bend the guide metal profile. With such a simple job, you can do it on your own, without professionals. Just need to buy all the necessary materials and collect tools and follow our step by step instructions.

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