Drywall painting by own hands

Today, there are many ways of decorating, one of the ways is architectural design. This type of registration is done with the help of gypsum plasterboard constructions including.

The surface of gypsum plasterboard can be pasted with wallpaper, but it is possible to paint in all colors of the rainbow.

Painting gypsum cardboard is done in most cases on the ceiling, since the wallpaper there has not taken root since the time of the Soviet Union.

To paint the plasterboard ceiling, we need to prepare the surface. On the ceiling there should not be a speck of dust and it should be perfectly smooth. Smoothness of the ceiling is achieved by successive filling and grinding of the putty.

It is very simple, with the help of gypsum plaster, the plasterboard ceiling can become visibly and touch like an egg shell of a quail. The method of sequential plastering and grinding will help to do this.

  • The ceiling, which was painted with acrylic latex paint with a glossy effect

Before painting, the surface of the ceiling must be re-primed, but do not overdo it, because the primer can be taken film, and this can lead to inconvenience and poor-quality painting.

Do not rush, let the ceiling dry thoroughly. High-quality drying of each layer of putty and final priming, can help qualitatively paint the surface of the ceiling.

Beforehand, you will need to stock up with the necessary tools for coloring. Buy a roller with a short pile and a cuvette for paint, sandpaper number zero and a sponge with a hard layer. You can use a small brush to paint the corners.

  • Ceiling, which was painted with latex paint on acrylic base with a matte effect

For painting gypsum plasterboard ceilings, water-based paints and water-based latex paints are used. The paint for the gypsum surface must be special, for internal use, since facade acrylics can its composition has harmful substances. White color for color saturation is mixed with the colors that are applied before staining or when preparing a batch of paint for a particular order.

Latex paint can be matte and glossy. Matte paint can be used as a universal, but the glossy paint should applied only to gypsum surfaces, brought to a mirror level, otherwise the effect of gloss will not, even on the contrary, will be worse.

So, we start to paint. With the ceiling you do not need to rush, so you need to paint, so you can make more layers. That the paint lay down exactly, the paint is diluted with water from 20 to 40%, the percentage depends on the number of subsequent layers. The more layers and the lighter the paint, the smoother there is a surface.

After each layer of staining, dry the paint with a sponge, a hard layer, and large drops must be sanded with zero emery paper. Watch when painting, so that debris and dried paint does not fall on the roller and brush.

To save the performance of the rollers, they must be carefully washed from the paint after each use, like the rest of the tool. Clean rollers do not need to be dried, they must be sealed tightly in cellophane bags in a wet condition.

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