How to make a gypsum cardboard arch

  • Рисуем дугу арки

You need to cut out the guide profiles of the required length and fasten them to the wall. It is necessary to obtain two profiles with a length along the width of the doorway and install them at the top. On both sides of the opening for the arch, you also need to install two profiles, but their length will directly depend on the radius by which the arc arch on the drywall is cut earlier (photo below). If you install a profile box on a concrete wall, you need to make a hole with the help of a drill, install anchor dowels, and then screw in the screws.

When you attach metal profiles to wooden walls, you need self-tapping screws for mounting with a length of 4-5 cm. The gaps between the screws should be around 10-12 cm.

  • We fix the starting profiles for the arch

After mounting the profiles on the wall, you can continue to work by attaching the first gypsum plasterboard sheet. For professional performance of this operation, use a screwdriver with adjustable clutch. For installing plasterboard with a thickness of 12.5 mm, I advise you to use self-tapping screws from 3.5x35 mm, and for drywall with a sheet thickness of 9.5 mm you can apply screws and a smaller size.

Like the first, cover the plasterboard and the second side of the arch framework. Screw the screwdriver with a screwdriver so that the caps are heated for 1-2 mm in plasterboard.

The next step is fixing the curved profile along the edge of the gypsum board arch for structural rigidity.

  • We mount gypsum cardboard and attach to it a starting curved profile

Measure the length of the arc with a cord and cut the corresponding section of the profile with the metal scissors. Use protective gloves to avoid cutting your hands on the metal edges of the profile.

Give the profile the desired shape of the arc and screws, attach its faces in the lower parts of the metal frame.

After both ends of the arch profile are securely attached to the frame, you can continue to screw the plasterboard with screws to the curved profile.

  • We insert in the starting profiles diagonal pieces of the guiding profile and fasten to it drywall

Using self-cutters of 5 cm in length, fix the bars on the plywood sheet, which perform the function of the arched frame. Then fix the arch from the tree in the opening with screws that need to be screwed in at least 150 mm.

The final step of the construction is the installation of the second plywood part of the arch and the planking of the carcass with gypsum board, which must be fastened with self-tapping screws for gypsum board.

Then it is necessary to fix the lower arc-shaped part.

Using the tape measure, you need to measure the length and width of the arc. Using a cutter for gypsum board and a square, it is necessary to cut out a rectangular piece of gypsum board with the resulting geometric dimensions.

  • Insert the profiles between the two sides and attach the curved drywall

Now you need to use a method that will help make drywall flexible. It is necessary to apply parallel cuts to one side of the gypsum board every 100 mm, cutting the cardboard layer with a blade. It is necessary to use at this construction level or a square, so that all incisions are perpendicular to the side edge of the workpiece from the plasterboard and are parallel to each other. Do not hurry to avoid mistakes.

There is another method to bend drywall - you just need to wet it. This method is useful for cases where we only need to slightly bend a sheet of drywall without any preparations.

Turn the notches up from the gypsum board upside down and lean it against the bottom surface of the arch, gradually fixing it and giving it the desired contour of the arc.

When installing a gypsum board rectangle, it is necessary to fit its edges with walls exactly. You also need to make sure that the ends of the rectangle coincide with the ends of the arc, otherwise you need to adjust or fix the length of the rectangle from the drywall.

Fix the plasterboard with a pair of screws at the top of the arch and continue to attach it, moving along the perimeter. Screw self-tapping screws from both sides of the arc with a periodicity of 10-15 cm, using a cordless screwdriver with adjustable clutch. Moving from the center of the arc arch to its edges, the gypsum board blank will take the form of a planned curve.

Pay attention to the technique of installing a curved arch element. You should always move with fasteners from the center of the edges of the arch, screwing the screws in mirror order.

You need to work in proper safe conditions: your workplace should always be well lit and ventilated. Also with Always use protective personal protective equipment.

After the installation of the gypsum board arch, you should pay attention to some small details of the structure. It is possible that the gypsum board, in some places, was not exactly flat. Then use the knife to level all edges.

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